About Babys Breath Smocks

About Us

Welcome to Babys Breath Smocks, a haven for those who seek more than just clothing – a brand built on passion, purpose, and the artistry of slow fashion. Our journey began with a dream nurtured by Subhashini Raja, a visionary entrepreneur from Chennai. From humble beginnings within the confines of her home, Subhashini’s dedication to designing dresses for children has transformed Babys Breath Smocks into a beacon of conscious fashion.

At Babys Breath Smocks, we believe in sustainability, collaboration, and empowering artisans. Our commitment goes beyond creating beautiful garments; it extends to preserving the art of smocking. Through skilling workshops and remote partnerships with experienced artisans, we weave a narrative of elegance and empowerment into every piece we craft. Join us on this journey where every stitch tells a story, and style meets sustainability.

The Founder

Meet Subhashini Raja, the driving force behind Babys Breath Smocks and a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for creating timeless children’s wear. Her entrepreneurial journey began as a small endeavor within the walls of her home. Encouraged by the positive response from friends and family, Subhashini transformed her passion project into the flourishing business that is Babys Breath Smocks today.

Subhashini’s path was not without challenges, particularly in sourcing experienced smockers for her creations. Undeterred by this obstacle, she embarked on a mission to locate skilled artisans, adding a social dimension to her brand. Guided by the belief that empowerment comes through skill, she sought out women trained by nuns in the art of smocking, providing them with an avenue to revive this traditional craft and achieve financial independence.

Today, Babys Breath Smocks stands as a testament to Subhashini’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. Her designs, renowned for their intricate smocking patterns and meticulous attention to detail, exemplify the fusion of passion, purpose, and artistry that defines the essence of Babys Breath Smocks.

Subhashini Raja

Founder, Baby’s Breath Smocks